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27th April - 1st May

Please check availability before paying by contacting the chat 💬 or your salesperson. 📷 Photos vary based on weather and location conditions.

A7D: (4 DAYS) Laos Unleashed: The Ultimate Adventure Through Pakse Loops, Kayaking The 4000 Islands, And Immersive Cultural Exploration

A7D: (4 DAYS) Laos Unleashed: The Ultimate Adventure Through Pakse Loops, Kayaking The 4000 Islands, And Immersive Cultural Exploration

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⛰️ Itinerary:

Day 1:
- 3.40AM: Departure from Ho Chi Minh City to Pakse.
- 5 PM: Arrive in Pakse, check-in at the hotel and take a tuk-tuk to visit Watphousalao Temple, which offers a great sunset views of the city.

Day 2:
- After breakfast, Rent a motorbike and start the Pakse Loop.
- Ride approximately 120 km and enjoy the scenic views.
- Visit Tadfane Waterfall and experience the thrilling zipline at a height of 120 meters (the zipline is optional and cost 35$) and also visit a nearby waterfall for swimming.
- Have lunch and visit Thateng Village to learn about the traditional culture of the Katu people and participate in community development activities.
- Visit Tadlo Waterfall and stay overnight in Tadlo Village. Enjoy the best local cuisine in town.

Day 3:
- Wake up at 6 AM and drive back to Pakse City (85 km).
- Have breakfast and take a private bus to Dondet Island at 8.30AM. The journey takes approximately 3 hours by road and 10 minutes by boat.
- Check into a riverside homestay and enjoy local cuisine.
- Explore Don Det and Don Khon Islands by cycling. Enjoy a beautiful sunset view at the bridge and live music in the evening.

Day 4:
- Embark on an adventure day with two kayaking sessions from 9 AM to 5PM.
- While Kayaking we visit waterfalls, go swimming, and have a BBQ lunch.
- Visit the majestic Phapheng Waterfall on the way back.
- Explore Dondet by night.

Day 5:
- Wake up at 5 AM and take a boat back to the mainland.
- A tuk-tuk will be waiting to take you to the main group to catch a public bus back to Saigon.
- Expect to arrive in Saigon at 4 PM.

- Bus return Pick up locations. 


Sleeper bus 

Pick up 1: 3AM at Binh Minh Bus Station 137 Phan Huy Ich, w15, Tan Binh District

Pick up 2: 3.40AM Petrolimax Gas Station Store No.47

(Public buses will depart on time, so please be ready at least 15 minutes before departure)

💵 Cost: 7,500,000₫. (Includes 3 nights accommodation, the public bus to Laos, private buses, tuk tuks 🚖, guide services, all entrance tickets, ferry tickets, a kayaking tour, 3 meals dinner) 

🛂VISA for Vietnamese: not required. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of expiration.
🛂Visa for foreigners: please check the visa requirements as we are not responsible for visas. If you are unable to cross the border/immigration or enter the country due to visa issues, the tour fee will not be refunded.

🛏️ Accommodation: 2-4 people per room. (2 people per bed) 
-Extra 250,000đ per night to arrange a private couple's room
-Extra 250,000đ per night to arrange a private single room

-Note: If you prefer your own bed, please book the private room, as twin rooms are usually priced double compared to double rooms in Vietnam and sometimes are not available.

For private rooms, you must tell us in advance.

We assign rooms randomly. If you do not accept any conditions, please book a private room

▪️📲 We can help you obtain a Laotian SIM for about 150,000đ.
🥣 We advise you bring about 1,000,000đ for the other meals in Laotian currency (3 breakfasts and 3 lunches) and 800.000đ if you want to do the zipline on day 2. 

🍲 About food: The tour includes the complementary 3 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches. One of the complimentary breakfasts and lunches will be on the bus back to Vietnam.

🧰 Belongings needed: Hiking shoes, flip flops or sandals for crossing streams, a sleeping bag, mini raincoat, cap 🧢, swim suit. Other items could include (sun 👓, socks 🧦, gloves 🧤, extra clothes to change after hiking, a mini ☔️, mosquito repellent, flip flops🩴). A backpack 🎒 of 1.5 liters is recommended for snacks and water we'll provide for you.

-Foods, drinks that we prepare and order are included. 
-Personal expenses are not included.
-If not enough customers sign-up, we will inform you 1 day before and refund within 3 days.
If you book LESS than 24h before departure time, please contact the contact details below to confirm availability.

🔥A minimum of 7 and a maximum of 14 people can join.
🔥Private tours can be booked by contacting the chat icon on the bottom right of the homepage or your salesperson.
Prices for private groups are as follows:
4-7 pax: 9,100,000đ
8-12 pax: 8,300,000đ
13-17 pax: 7,500,000đ
17 + pax: 7,000,000đ

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