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Every Tuesday 8pm

For all tours, please check availability before paying by contacting the chat icon 💬 (bottom right of the screen on the homepage) or your salesperson. Thank you.

Vietnamese Classes: Learn The Language And Use English Skills!

Vietnamese Classes: Learn The Language And Use English Skills!

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No need to purchase, it's FREE!
Just show up!

👥 ROJI Social Club, every Tuesday 8PM: 

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🗣️Vietnamese Lesson and English - Vietnamese exchange.
Discover the Beauty of Vietnamese🍃: Learn, Connect, Thrive!

How it works:
For Vietnamese speakers:
- If you are Vietnamese, it's simple! Just come and speak Vietnamese with foreigners. You can also learn new vocabulary or practice speaking English during conversations. It's the best way for someone new to gain confidence in speaking English, right? :)

For Foreigners Vietnamese learners:
- If you are a foreigner, don't worry, it's easy too! Just come and learn some new vocabulary while meeting new local friends. It's the best way to practice Vietnamese, right?

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✔️ IG: VietnamHikers

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Here's our program:
LESSON STRUCTURE (60 minutes learning and 60 minutes practicing)

  • VOCAB:

    1.1. BASIC: 10 words - max 15 words
    1.2. ADVANCE: 5 additional words


    • Host reads word by word, emphasizing the tone and mouth positioning.
    • All learners repeat after the host word by word.
    • Each learner reads all the vocab.



    1 Basic Structure + 1 or 2 examples.
    1 Advance Structure + 1 or 2 examples.


    • Host explains which structures to use in each case.
    • Each learner makes an example of the basic structure.
    • Advance learner makes examples.
    1. READING: use the same conversation or a short paragraph excerpt.


    • Host read through the conversation/ paragraph
    • Each learner read through. Host corrects if any un correct pronunciation
    • Host explains the meaning of it


    • Host divides learners into beginner and advanced groups.
    • In pairs, learn to make conversation.

    REMARK: Conversation should be in short sentences.

    Join us for an interactive and language enriching experience! We look forward to seeing you there! 🗣️🌍🤝

    Join us for travelling, business, learning, sports, buy/sell, dating, hang out, events, and other useful information.

    👉These events always happens on a weekly schedule, so just show up. There's no need to register.

    👉Please note that there is 💥 no fee to join any events at Roji, but we kindly ask that you 💥 order a drink to help support the rental space. If you give a tip, it's a way to support and encourage our host team. Thanks! See you at Roji.

    📍Roji rooftop- 2A Phan Tay Ho, W7, Phu Nhuan, HCMC.

         📲Dung (+84)939.961.038

         📲Huy (+84)856.788.524)

         📲Thuong Zani (+84)93.944.449

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