The Story of Saigon Hikers!

Let me tell you about Roji Coffee, where it all began..

Down one of the many enchanting alleyways in the heart of Saigon, you'll find a very charming rooftop. A
 cozy English club, with twinkling fairy lights, local teas and weary travelers and locals discussing the hot topics of the day.

Established by globetrotter Ms Zani Thuong, a Vietnamese solo traveler with over 25 countries visited, she sought to create an extraordinary hub. Her vision? A space where international visitors and Vietnamese locals could merge cultures, exchange ideas, and learn from each other through various activities and dynamic events.

With this mission in mind, Roji Coffee was founded in 2018, and is located at 2A Phan Tay Ho, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District. Today, it's a thriving community, with hundreds finding their way to our doorstep, attracted by our engaging events and welcoming ambiance.

The founder, Ms Thuong Zani has a particular passion for hiking and thus, encouraged by pilot Captain Chong (whom she met whilst traveling), Zani embarked on organizing hiking tours specifically tailored for expat friends who are often busy with work but have a passion for hiking. These trips became regular weekend activities for the community, starting from March 2021.

Over the past two years, from March 2021 to June 2023 (including 6 months during the COVID-19 pandemic), SGHK has led customers on hiking trips to over 70 awe-inspiring destinations, stretching from the lush landscapes of the South to the majestic mountains of the North, and even across borders.

Each month, we continue to add two new hiking destinations to our roster. Our offerings range from beginner-friendly trails to overnight tours for predominantly more experienced hikers.

With nearly 7,000 followers, SGHK has gained close to 600 returning customers, familiar faces of our lovely community.

Starting from June 2023, in addition to weekend hiking, Saigon Hikers has introduced new products such as weekday hiking for international guests and city tours called 'Unseen Saigon' and tantalizing food tours. The booking office is located at Pham Ngu Lao, D1.

Our 'Unseen Saigon' tours are crafted by the seasoned professional guide, Thành. With a decade's worth of experience, Thành shares his passion for Saigon's rich history and vibrant culture in every well-researched city tour he leads.

The Saigon food tours primarily aim to connect international guests with expats and locals, providing a network of friends for foreigners visiting or working in Vietnam. The goal is to take guests to simple yet authentic locations to taste traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Fostering connections between international guests and locals remains at the heart of what we do. So why wait? Join us for a tour or stop by Roji Coffee for one of our exciting events.

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