Collection: Hidden Alley Walking Food Tours

Discover Saigon with our foodie trails! Explore the local culture via the city's culinary highlights and hidden gems, led by friendly guides.
*Available upon private booking 

Walk and eat with us, for a fun and unforgettable experience!

🌅 Foodie Trails: Uncovering Hidden Alleys, Eating, Socializing.

🍛Uncover Authentic Local Cuisine Savor Saigon's diverse flavors as we reveal culinary secrets, from street food delights to traditional delicacies.

👣 Explore Saigon on Foot Walk along a 5km route, immerse yourself in the vibrant streets and lesser-known neighborhoods to truly embrace local life.

👥 Socialize and Share Connect with fellow food enthusiasts, expats, and locals at our final stop while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals.

👉Book Your Food Tour Today Experience the vibrant soul of Saigon- where flavors come alive! 🍽️🌆Don’t miss out!