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Sat 27th April - Wed 1st May

Please check availability before paying by contacting the chat 💬 or your salesperson. 📷 Photos vary based on weather and location conditions.

26D: (4 DAYS) Dak Nong Province: Volcanic Ascent, Majestic Waterscapes, Viewpoints and Hikes

26D: (4 DAYS) Dak Nong Province: Volcanic Ascent, Majestic Waterscapes, Viewpoints and Hikes

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☀️ Departing 10PM the night before day 1, arriving back 7PM Day 4

🎯Dak Nong Province
We'll have our own private bus once we get there!

⏰10PM 🚌 Bus pick-up from Saigon

🗓️ Day 1:
⏰ 7AM A local breakfast, followed by hiking 10km around the mystical Chu Bluk volcano, and enjoying the natural wonders, unique landscape and fauna of the area. This includes exploring two caves! Followed by a local lunch, sourced with all local produce.End your day by resting in our picturesque bungalows nestled in Dray Sap Ecotourism Village. Discover the beauty of the Dray Sap System Waterfall, the largest waterfall system in Southern Vietnam, and enjoy serene lake views surrounded by mesmerizing green hues. 

🗓️ Day 2:
⏰8AM Breakfast, before setting off on a 5km hiking along the scenic trail lined with majestic old-growth trees on both sides. Join us to explore nature’s beauty and tranquility like never before!
⏰Leave the waterfall at 3 PM for Gia Nghĩa city, where you'll be welcomed by stunning lake views and landscapes. Stay in a lakeside bungalow and enjoy a BBQ gathering around the campfire.

🗓️ Day 3:
⏰ At 8 AM, enjoy a local breakfast at the homestay before embarking on the journey to Ta Dung Lake, often referred to as the Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands.
⏰ By 1 PM, experience a boat tour around Ta Dung Lake 🏝️, including visits to breathtaking waterfalls, SUP🚤 sessions, and swimming opportunities.
⏰ By 5 PM, return to the homestay for a delightful dinner showcasing local cuisine, allowing you to once again immerse yourself in the stunning landscape.

🗓️ Day 4: 
⏰ At 8 AM, enjoy breakfast 🥞 before setting out to explore a charming local village, blending tradition with everyday life. Visit Ta Dung Top View for panoramic lake views and a relaxing coffee break.
⏰ At 11:30 AM, the 🚌 bus will pick you up for your return to Saigon, with lunch served along the way to complement your memorable journey. Expect to be back in Saigon by 7 PM.

⏰Public Limousine Bus Pick up (any change about time and location we will update 12 hours)

🚌10.20PM Long Van Limousine

🚌 11.30 Becamex Hotel Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong city (or on the main road High way 13 - Quoc Lo 13)

🧰 Belongings needed: Hiking shoes, mini raincoat, cap 🧢, swim suit.
Other items could include (sun 👓, socks 🧦, gloves 🧤, extra clothes to change after hiking, a mini ☔️, mosquito repellent, flip flops🩴). A backpack 
🎒 of 1.5 liters is recommended for snacks and water we'll provide for you.

💵 Cost: 5,900,000₫. (Includes private bus 🚌, guide services, , ticket entrances, 11 meals, drinks, snacks, fruits)

-Foods, drinks that we prepare and order are included. 
-Personal expenses are not included.
-If not enough customers sign-up, we will inform you 1 day before and refund within 3 days.
-If you book LESS than 24h before departure time, please contact the details below to confirm availability.

🔥For group tours, a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 20 people can join and pay the SAME PRICE 5.900.000đ
🔥Private tours can be booked by messaging the chat icon 💬 on the bottom right of the homepage, or your salesperson.
Prices for a PRIVATE TOURS are as follows:
5-7 pax: 7,500,000đ
8-12 pax: 6,700,000đ

13-17 pax: 5,900,000đ
17 + pax: 5,500,000đ

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