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25B: (2 DAYS) K50 Waterfalls - Majestic Beauty Amidst The Pristine Kon Chu Rang Forest

25B: (2 DAYS) K50 Waterfalls - Majestic Beauty Amidst The Pristine Kon Chu Rang Forest

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☀️ Departing at about 4.30pm on day 1, returning to Saigon at 4am day 3.

🎯 Gia Lai province

⛰️ Activities:
Day 1 - 5AM: Arrive at K'Bang bus station, and then take a private bus to Kon Chu Rang National Park. 

Day 2 - 6.30AM: Have breakfast and start a 20 km hike via the Chuong Bo trail to reach the waterfall. During the hike, you'll cross rivers and streams. By 3 PM, you'll arrive at K50 waterfall, where you can choose to explore K40 waterfall or swim at K50. At 6 PM, motorbike taxi will take you from K50 waterfall return to national park entrance. 

Enjoy dinner and camp/ homestay overnight.

Day 2 - 8 AM: After breakfast, we explore the K Bang village and have lunch at 12PM, 1.30PM Taxi take us to K'Bang bus station, public bus leave at 3PM, arrive back Saigon at 3AM next day. 
(Timings are approximate and may differ by 30-60 minutes)

🖊️ Note: Foreigners are required to send their passport photo and Temporary Residence Card (TRC)/Visa for paperwork in order to enter the park. Please make sure to submit these documents at least 3 days before your departure. Thank you

🧰 Belongings needed: Hiking shoes, mini raincoat, cap 🧢, swim suit. Other items could include (sunglasses 👓, socks 🧦, gloves 🧤, extra clothes to change after hiking, a mini ☔️, mosquito repellent, flip flops🩴). A backpack 🎒 of 1.5 liters is recommended for snacks and water we'll provide for you.

💵 Cost: 3,400,000đ (includes transportation, accommodation, ticket entrances, guide services, 5 meals, drinks, fruits and snacks)

*Note: ⛺ Tents/homestay will be 2-4 people per room. If you need a private tent/ private room/ or bed for yourself or a couple please book in advance, price 150k-300k. You must contact us in advance.

-Foods, drinks that we prepare and order are included.
-Personal expenses are not included.
-If not enough customers sign-up, we will inform you 1 day before and refund within 3 days.
-If you book LESS than 24 h before departure time, please contact the contact details below to confirm availability.

🔥A minimum of 7 and a maximum of 18 people can join.
🔥Private tours can be booked by contacting the chat icon on the bottom right of the homepage or your salesperson.

Prices for private tour are as follows:
4-7 pax: 4,200,000đ
8-12 pax: 3,800,000đ
13-17 pax: 3,400,000đ
17 + pax: 3,300,000đ

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