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Fri May 31th, Sat August 31th (Holiday)

Please check availability before paying by contacting the chat 💬 or your salesperson. 📷 Photos vary based on weather and location conditions.

24B: (2 DAYS) Vinh Hy Bay and Da Do peak: Tranquil Coastal Oasis, Panoramic Mountain Vistas, Untouched Island, and Giarai Cultural Heritage

24B: (2 DAYS) Vinh Hy Bay and Da Do peak: Tranquil Coastal Oasis, Panoramic Mountain Vistas, Untouched Island, and Giarai Cultural Heritage

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☀️ Departure is the evening before day 1 at 10.30PM, return at 11PM day 2.

🎯 Fascinating Vinh Hy Bay and Da Do  Peak (Ninh Thuan Province).

🏔️ Itinerary:
Friday night -
⏰10.30PM Sleeper bus pick-up (pick up point will be updated later)

**Day 1: Explore Da Do Peak and Raglai Village**

7:00 AM: Start your day with a hearty breakfast.

8:00 AM: Begin your hiking journey towards Da Do Peak, immersing yourself in nature and enjoying breathtaking views along the 5km trail. Marvel at the panoramic vistas from the peak.

12:00 PM: Descend from the peak and continue your trek to Lo O stream, a serene oasis amidst the lush surroundings. Take a refreshing dip or simply relax by the stream and have lunch. 

2:00 PM: Visit the nearby Raglai village, where you can engage with the local community, learn about their traditional way of life.

3:00 PM: As the day winds down, head to a beautiful restaurant with a stunning mountain view for a scenic dinner experience. Indulge in delicious cuisine while soaking in the serene ambiance.

7:00 PM: Conclude your day by spending a relaxing night at Vinh Hy Bay, fresh seafood dinner. 

**Day 2: Discover Turtle Lake, Hang Rai, and Grape Gardens**

8:00 AM: After a refreshing breakfast, Journey by canoe to Turtle island, a hidden gem known for its natural beauty and serene atmosphere, crystal blue water, white sand, hiking for a beautiful view, and play some sport water game (optional)

12:00 PM: Enjoy a leisurely lunch, savoring local delicacies and specialties.

2:00 PM: Venture to Hang Rai, a picturesque coastal area known for its stunning rock formations and scenic vistas. Explore the caves and marvel at the unique geological features.

3:00 PM: Visit a local grape garden and orchard, where you can taste freshly squeezed grape juice, sample delicious jams, and even indulge in local wine tasting.

⏰4PM: Sleeper bus pick-up for a 11PM arrival in Saigon.

(Timings are approximate and may differ by 30-60 minutes)

🧰 Belongings needed: Hiking shoes, mini raincoat, cap 🧢, swim suit. Other items could include (sun 👓, socks 🧦, gloves 🧤, extra clothes to change after hiking, a mini ☔️, mosquito repellent, flip flops🩴). A backpack 🎒 of 1.5 liters is recommended for snacks and water we'll provide for you.

💵 Cost: 3,200,000₫. Includes all transportation, ticket entrance, guide services, and 5 meals, drinks, fruits, snacks.

🛏️ Accommodation: 2-4 people per room. (2 people in one bed) 
-Extra 200.000đ per night to arrange a private couple's room.
-Extra 350,000đ per night to arrange a private single room. 
- Twins room are not always available, so not guaranteed that you have your own bed, to make sure 100% own bed, pls book private room. 
For private rooms need to be booked in advance.

-Foods, drinks that we prepare and order are included. 
-Personal expenses are not included.
-If not enough customers sign-up, we will inform you 1 day before and refund within 3 days.
-If you book LESS than 24h before departure time, please contact the contact details below to confirm availability.

🔥Price for group tours, a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 18 people can join and pay the SAME PRICE 3,200,000đ
🔥Private tours can be booked by contacting the chat icon on the bottom right of the homepage or your salesperson.
Prices for a PRIVATE TOURS are as follows:
5-7 pax: 4,000,000đ
8-12 pax: 3,600,000đ
13-17 pax: 3,200,000đ
17 + pax: 3,300,000đ

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