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Fri 12th April

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A1B: (2-Day Tour), Khmer Traditions Unveiled: Songkran Adventure in Kampot

A1B: (2-Day Tour), Khmer Traditions Unveiled: Songkran Adventure in Kampot

Precio regular 3.500.000 VND
Precio regular Precio de venta 3.500.000 VND
Venta Agotado

☀️ Departing 11PM Day 1, arriving back Saigon at 9PM Day 2

🎯The provinces of Kampot and Kep, Bokor Mountain Cambodia.

⛰ Activities:

🚍 The evening before - Sleeper Bus to Ha Tien City Border
11:00 PM - Van pick up from District 1 and transfer to West Bus Station, where a comfortable sleeping bus awaits to take us to the Xa Xia border crossing.

🌄 Day 1 - Sunrise at Ha Tien City - Xa Xia Border - Kampot5 AM - Arrive at Ha Tien Bus Station. A van will take us to the Xa Xia border crossing. 7 AM - Enjoy a delicious breakfast on the Cambodian side, currency exchange 💴 and buy a local SIM card if you wish.

🚸 Visa Information: Free visa for Vietnamese, passport is required. Other countries please check your visa requirements for Cambodia and your return Vietnam.

Visa cannot be processed online, so a cash payment of 35$ is required at the Cambodia official border. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your intended date of departure.

⏰8:30AM: Beautiful Tuk-tuk ride to Bokor Mountain through rice paddies and various plantations.

⏰10AM: Begin the explore Bokor highland, stopping at a gorgeous waterfall, lake, temple, viewpoint explore an old temple and enjoy the serene surroundings for relaxation and lunch.

⏰1PM: Check-in to a cozy hotel right at the city center. Afterward, go to a Pagoda to join some traditional Khmer games of Khmer in their  New Year, and learn Khmer culture with locals. 

⏰5PM: Return to the city center for dinner and experience the Songkran water festival at durean roundabout, where people gather on the streets armed with water guns, buckets, and hoses, ready to playfully drench one another. It's a time of laughter, splashing, and friendly water battle as participants roam the streets, dousing each other with water to wash away the past and bring good luck for the year ahead.

After the Festival, we can easily walk back to the hotel to sleep. 😴 

🌊 Day 2 - Kampot, Kep village, beach and crab market
⏰8AM: A delicious breakfast at the homestay followed by a tuk-tuk ride to the Keb village, explore Kep Beach, a serene coastal haven with golden sands and azure waters. Indulge in fresh seafood at the bustling Crab Market, savouring delicious crab dishes and immersing yourself in the vibrant market atmosphere. A perfect day of relaxation and culinary delight awaits.

⏰11.30AM: we'll travel on tuk tuk to the border. After crossing, we'll take a public sleeper bus back to Saigon at ⏰2PM. Expect to arrive in Saigon at ⏰9PM.

(Timings are approximate and may differ by 30-60 minutes).

🧰 Belongings needed: Hiking shoes, mini raincoat, cap 🧢, swim suit. Other items could include (sun 👓, socks 🧦, gloves 🧤, extra clothes to change after hiking, a mini ☔️, mosquito repellent, flip flops🩴). A backpack 🎒 of 1.5 liters is recommended for snacks and water we'll provide for you.

💵 Cost: 3,500,000d (includes the sleeper bus, tuk-tuks, guide services, 1 dinner, water, fruits, and 1 night in a beautiful homestay)
🍲Not included are 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches. These can easily be purchased at restaurants in the local area at approximately 3-7$ per meal.
📲 We can help you obtain a Cambodian SIM for about 150,000₫.

-Foods, drinks that we prepare and order are included.
-Personal expenses are not included. However, we can help you exchange money 💴 if you need it for extra drinks/food /shopping.
-If not enough customers sign-up, we will inform you 1 day before and refund within 3 days.
-If you book LESS than 24h before departure time, please contact the details below to confirm availability.

🔥A minimum of 7 and a maximum of 18 people can join.
🔥Private tours can be booked by messaging the chat icon 💬 on the bottom right of the homepage, or your salesperson.
Prices are as follows:
5-7 pax: 4,300,000đ
8-12 pax: 3,900,000đ
13-17 pax: 3,500,000đ
17+ pax: 3,400,000đ

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