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For all tours, please check availability before paying by contacting the chat icon 💬 (bottom right of the screen on the homepage) or your salesperson. Thank you.

Visas For Foreigners

Visas For Foreigners

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🗂️ We are able to accommodate your VISA needs. 

Please send the information below to your salesperson or the chat icon on the bottom right of the homepage.

-Your intended border or airport of entry.
-Your intended date of entry into Vietnam.
-A copy of a recent color passport-style photograph (3,5x4,5cm) with a white background.

And in addition:

1. A copy of your passport (the photo page).
2. Your address in your home country.
3. A contact in your home country.
4. Your address in Vietnam.
5. A contact in Vietnam.
6. Have you been to Vietnam in the last one year?
7. How long will you want to stay in Vietnam?
8. Written details or a scanned copy of your previous Vietnamese visa sticker (in your passport).
9. Details of any violations of the Vietnamese law, if any (act of violation/ time of violation/ from sanction).
10. A relative or friend's information (full name, address and phone number).
11. Your occupation.
12. Your purpose to visit Vietnam.
13. The type of visa you desire.

Types of VISA available and prices:

Without Vietnamese company sponsorship (processing time: 4-5 working days)

Tourist Visa: 3 months

  • Single entry: $70 (1,700,000VND)
  • Multiple entries: $100
  • Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh: 120$ and it takes 10 days working days.

With Vietnamese company sponsorship

Business Visa: 3 months.
* For this VISA, we need a contact person and details of the company who will sponsor you.

  • $180 multiple entry VISA

The process:
Step 1) We Apply for a visa approval letter in Vietnam using your company as a sponsor.
Step 2) You then show the approval letter upon entering Vietnam and they will issue the VISA into your passport at immigration. 

📌 For all visas, an additional stamping fee will be charged at the port of entry, which can slightly vary in price. 

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