Collaborate With Us! (Win-win)


Visit our website:

We offer products and services that may interest YOUR customers & you offer products and services that interest OUR our community.

We offer:
✔️Hiking/Camping tours
✔️Food tours 
✔️City tours 
✔️Tailored services (Tailor-made tours, booking private cars/buses)

Our reviews:

4.7⭐️ ~300 reviews on Google Maps, ~150 reviews our Facebook page, ~50 reviews on our website. 

Our community:  
We have a Facebook group with 70,000 members and group chats with 5,000 members. We have tours that depart daily, weekly and monthly with many returning clients each time.

We would like to collaborate with:

  • ✔️Hotels/Hostels/Homestays/Campsites/Serviced Apartments
  • ✔️Camping and hiking stores
  • ✔️️Fitness centres, gyms and sports clubs
  • ✔️Restaurants (international food) / unique coffee shops
  • ✔️English centers and English clubs

How we work together:

From your side: 

  • All you have to do is supply your company email address.

From our side: 

  • We set up your online affiliate account with the email address provided so you can have your own affiliate links to earn commission.
  • We place standees (A6) at your location for clients to book tours/services via a QR code.
  • We offer customer support via our own webchat service for consultation with your customers.
  • We list your info on our website and promote your services on social media to our community.

🌏 English speaking required at your places.

If you agree and want to be a partner, please let us know:

  1. Your company name, email and phone number.
  2. Your address
    We need up to 3 to 7 days to review your services. 


🔥For more information, contact Mrs Thuong Zani on +84913944449 (Telegram preferred, also on WhatsApp and Zalo) or contact the messaging icon on the bottom right of the page.

🏢 Our Address: 2A Phan Tay Ho, w7, Phu Nhuan.(