Collection: Basic Tours (Covering All Essentials) May to August, Sept

Schedule for May, June, July, August, Sept

Explore Vietnam effortlessly with our Basic Tours, ideal for weekday and weekend hikes. Perfect for families and pet lovers, our tours cover transportation, entrance fees, and accommodation, ensuring a cost-effective and enjoyable outdoor experience. Book your hike today!

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Date  Tour Price

Tues 14th
Sun 19th (Kids & Family) 
Fri May 24th
Sun 26th (Pet-friendly)

14AB Phuoc Buu Jungle 590,000đ


Date  Tour Price
Sun 2nd 28AB Thac Mai jungle 590,000đ
Sat 11th 44BC Tien Giang 1,850,000đ

Mon 10th
Tues 11th
Wed 19th
Thurs 20th
Sun 23rd (Kids & Families)
Fri 28th
Sun 30th (Pet Friendly) 

9AB Thi Vai Mt 590,000đ


Date  Tour Price
Sun 7th  10AB Ma Da Jungle 590,000đ
Sat 13th (Overnight) 92BC Song Ray lake 1,850,000đ

Mon 9th
Tues 10th
Wed 17th
Thurs 18th
Sun 21st (Kids & Families)
Fri 26th
Sun 28th (Pet-Friendly)

9AB Thi Vai Mt 590,000đ



Date                                   Tour Price
Sat 10th (Overnight) 78BC Phan Rang beach 1,850,000đ

Sun 4th
Mon 5th
Tues 6th
Wed 14th
Thurs 15th
Sun 18th (Kids & Families)
Fri 23th
Sun 25th (Pet-friendly)

10AB Ma Da Jungle 590,000đ